Building Lean Beyond Manufacturing

Jean Cunningham Consulting came about not from a long term plan, but really as a result of a series of unforeseen events. Jean gets asked about this often, so, if you're interested, read this personal essay Jean wrote about this past many years.  THE ESSAY

A Little History

Our clients cover a broad range of manufacturing, service, and healthcare companies. JCC partners with them from something as brief as an introductory presentation to a full multi-year implementation across the enterprise. We also partner with several associations that support and promote Lean in their programs. Every company can benefit from Lean Beyond Manufacturing.

The selection of clients below shows the breadth of our relationships.

Building Lean Beyond Manufacturing one client at a time...
Alan Riggs
Office Operations

Alan supports the JCC staff in the areas of research, writing, editing, graphics and layout, web site development and maintenance, marketing, administration, and IT.

He formerly contracted with the U.S. Census Bureau and Yum Brands and was earlier employed at Ceridian and Digital Equipment Corporation. Alan’s roles included group supervisor, project manager, senior hardware/ software documentation specialist, specification writer, desktop publishing manager, senior training developer, and senior field service engineer. He also has extensive experience in editing, customer support, and software analysis.

Alan has a BS in Education from Indiana University.

Jean Cunningham
Founder and President

Jean is widely recognized as a pioneer of Lean Business Management having led her companies and client companies through the Lean transition into non-production functions since the early 90’s. She has consulted and given lectures on applying Lean Business Management for over twenty years. Since 2006 with JCC, Jean travels to clients throughout the U. S. consulting on Lean strategy and organization, and facilitating kaizen, process mapping, and other Lean-based events. She keynotes and presents workshops at Lean conferences worldwide.

For fifteen years, Jean was the Vice President and CFO first at Lantech, Inc. and later at Marshfield Door Systems. From 2006-11, she was the CFO and a Director-at-Large for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence. Jean is an original Thought Leader for the Lean Accounting Summit and the Lean HR Summit and presents at both annually. She teaches Lean Accounting for The Ohio State University Master of Business Operational Excellence program. Jean is also a board member of the Lean Enterprise Institute and the non-profit Lean Education Advancement Foundation.

Jean is the co-author of the acclaimed book, Real Numbers, an essential text for transitioning to Lean Accounting.  She is also co-author of Easier, Simpler, Faster, a book on applying Lean principles to information technology processes and optimizing output information for the Lean workplace.  Both books were awarded the Shingo Prize for Research (2004, 2008). She also is one of ten authors who contributed to Lean Accounting, a collection of works by Lean experts. 

Jean has a BS in Accounting from Indiana University and an MBA from Northeastern University’s Executive Program.

JCC Staff

Client Companies

  • To dramatically raise productivity in non-production areas by using Lean principles and tools to identify and reduce process waste.​

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  • ​To create capacity for growth.

JCC Goals

  • ​To integrate all areas of the company around customer demand and supplier capability.

  • To instill a Lean knowledge base and value-add point of view in employees to facilitate sustainable waste reduction practices.

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  • To instill an abiding understanding in C-suite members and managers of the long-term compounding value of the application of Lean principles in every company process. 

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