Capturing the Value of Lean Pre-Summit Workshop

2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
June 5, 2017        
Palm Desert, CA
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Building Lean Beyond Manufacturing one client at a time...

Client Programs and Public Events

  • ​Problem Solving with Working Capital (Multi-location mfg)
  • Paperless Orders, Revenue recognition (U.S. Govt Svc)
  • Patient Intake (Hospital)
  • Customer Service VSM and Strategy (Mfg)
  • HR Performance Appraisal VSM (Medical Center)
  • Graphics Development, new products & regs (Mfg)
  • Scheduling & Work Orders (Private mfg)
  • Corporate Close the Books (Multinational public mfg)
  • Lean Metrics (Mfg)
  • Lean Financial Reporting (Mfg)
  • Internal & External Wayfinding (Medical Center)

Moving People Around as Key to Unlocking Financial Outcomes of Lean (Talk)

Five Financial Outcomes from Lean Thinking

Lean Transformation Summit

Carlsbad, CA

Lean Enterprise Institute
March 2017

Show Me the Money: Five Financial Outcomes of Lean
Lean Accounting Holistic View

Marino Beyond Budgeting Iceland 2017
Reykjavík​, Iceland

March 2017  

Capturing the Value of Lean

LEI Specialized Workshop
Charleston, SC

Lean Enterprise Institute
February 2017  

Lean Accounting: Cost System in Manufacturing

ILC Webinar

Iowa Lean Consortium

January 2017

Lean Business Management

Lean Pop-up

Salt Lake City, UT


Lean Enterprise Institute

January 2017

Capturing the Value of Lean

LEI Specialized Workshop
La Jolla, CA

Lean Enterprise Institute

October 2016  

Problem Solving Methodology: Moving from Metrics to Action

What is Lean Accounting?

2016 Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit
San Antonio, TX

Lean Frontiers

August 2016

Impact of Lean Thinking: Creating a Common Language Between Operations And Accounting

ILC Public Event

Des Moines, IA

Iowa Lean Consortium

July 2016

Lean Mangement & Accounting

Summer Webinar Series

Lean Frontiers
July 2016

Lean Office and Visual Management

Regional Workshop         
Chicago, IL

Association of Manufacturing Excellence

​June 2016

Capturing the Value of Lean

Lean Specialized Workshop      
Chicago (Schaumburg), IL

Lean Enterprise Institute
May 2016

Engaging Employees with Metric Boards,

Multi talented, Multi functional People: the Key to creating Financial Value in a Lean Organization

2016 TWI & Lean HR Pre-Summit Workshop        
San Antonio, TX

Lean Frontiers

May 2016

Recent Past Public Events:

The table below lists public presentations made by Jean Cunningham Consulting over the past year or so.

Jean Cunningham Consulting Lean Workshops, Lean Conferences, office Kaizen Events, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Strategic Planning

Public Event Schedule

Below are public workshops, seminars, and presentations for which Jean is scheduled to present. Sign-up or get more information on any of these events by clicking on the "More Information" link under the sponsor name. Also, take a look at our recent past events near the bottom of this page to see the variety of events and topics undertaken.

Public Events

Jean presents publicly several times each year. She has presented at all 10 Lean Accounting Summits and every Lean HR Summit.

She has been a keynote speaker at lean conferences in the U.S., Switzerland and France.

  • IS Large & Small Enhancements Mgmt VSM (Global mfg)
  • Reporting & Responding to Employee Injuries (Hospital)
  • Strategic Deployment Plan (Mfg)
  • Inventory Management (Private mfg)
  • Lean Sensei (IT organization, multinational public mfg)
  • HR Operations & Compensation VSM (Medical Center)
  • Order Entry for Custom Engineering (Mfg)
  • Employee Safety and Problem Solving (Hospital)
  • Close the Books, single site, full entity (Private mfg)
  • Order Entry, consolidation of multiple sites (mfg)
  • SWOT (IT organization, mfg)​

Client / In-House Events

Not only is every in-house lean event customized to the client's current state, but the client can contract a single event, a program targeting a specific problem, or a multifaceted plan ranging all the way up to a multi-year rollout aiming towards a Lean Enterprise. The list below is a small sampling of JCC's completed and ongoing client topics/programs that provides a view into the limitless variety: 

Client / In-House

With JCC clients, there has been a vast range of processes, types of lean events, and long-term programs addressed over the past decade. From the C suite, to the customer service center, to the ER, there is no limit to the processes in which lean can provide value and eliminate waste.


Jean Cunningham has keynoted and conducted learning sessions at lean conferences since the mid-90s and is widely recognized for her engaging presentation style and ability to clearly present lean concepts backed up with real world examples. 

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Photo left:

​Jean with Karen Martin, Jim Huntzinger,  Dwayne Butcher, and Cheryl Jekiel at the Lean HR Summit.

Continuous Improvement Huddles and Metrics

2017 Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit
September, 13, 2017        
Savannah, GA
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Measure Lean Initiative or Measure Outcome of Lean Strategy?

2017 Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit
September, 14, 2017        
Savannah, GA
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Building Lean Beyond Manufacturing